Lentil Biryani from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Lentil Biryani from The Great Vegan Bean Book

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Vegan Richa: Lentil Biryani and The Great Vegan Bean Book Review and Giveaway. and there is a perfect book to help me do that in so many different ways! There are beans for breakfast, meals and even dessert(hello chickpea cookies and black bean fudgesicles). There are usual vegan meals, burgers, dips and then other cuisines and fusion recipes to choose from Indian, Mexican, Jamaican, Asian, French, Moroccan, you name it. If you dont win a copy at this giveaway, pick The Great Vegan Bean Book at amazon! Kathy explains all the possible standard beans, along with variations for specialty heirloom beans. The book has nutrition information with each recipe. Recipes to make your own staples like chorizo and chik-un patties. Staples to keep food budget in check and also to avoid all the added preservatives. Allergy friendly, gluten- and soy-free and no added oil and also an index for gluten and soy-free. Photography in the book by Renee Comet is crisp and does justice beautifully to the dishes. I added a roasted Red bell pepper to it and spiced it up a bit more for my taste, and sent most of it and fresh veggies, packing with hubbs for his rafting trip. I dont think he got to eat much of it:) It was a definite hit with the omnis too. I also used another batch to make sandwiches the next day. They will soon be posted in a separate post. I added some roasted Veggies and greens. Throw everything into a pan or your rice cooker and dinner will be ready in no time! Put all the ingredients into the rice cooker and cook on the brown rice setting if you have one. When your rice cooker beeps, taste, add salt, and taste again. Adjust the other seasonings if needed and remove the bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and cardamom pods before serving.

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