Healthy Coconut Date Bars /by Swoon For Food [v]

Healthy Coconut Date Bars /by Swoon For Food [v]

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It was our first time in California and third time in a desert. We learned some interesting facts about the desert there that made us appreciate the place even more now. Many people think of a desert as being hot and dry but Palm Desert is actually quite wet. There is water underneath the soil. A lot of it but it's pretty deep underground. We were told you could pretty much plant anything and it will grow. In some places in the desert you can actually press down on the ground and you will actually see bubbles come up. The weekend we arrived, we visited the street fair down at the college, moments after first learning about it. I was so glad we did. There were crafts, art, furniture, food stands, farmer's market, and pretty much everything you could expect at a craft and food market. When we got to the food stands, we noticed tables and tables of nuts and dried fruit, especially dates. When they told us that the dates were from the region in the Coachella Valley, we had to buy some. The dates were so fresh and soft. They sort of just melt in your mouth. My husband is a big fan of dates. We actually have a large supply at home already but these looked better :) Also, we paid way more for them back home. At the street fair, they were charging just $3/lb. Weekend street fair at the college in Palm Desert, CA. During our stay in Palm Desert, our resort had a host of activities for us. When they offered their date tasting class, I signed us all up. This one was complimentary and since we all liked dates, it was a pretty easy decision to go. We watched a video on how dates came to California and what takes place in growing them.

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