Fresh Lumpia, Raw and Vegan

Fresh Lumpia, Raw and Vegan

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I’ve made it in the past and posted the recipe on this blog. Inevitably, I incorporated it during my raw vegan challenge. Feel free to also soak the dried sweet potatoes to make them softer and easier to chew. This would make the sweetness prominent in the filling and in the sauce. Just make sure you don’t pour too much Stevia in the filling, put only enough to have a sweet linger. All you have to do is assemble and you’re done. The secret to making this delicious comes from the sauce so make sure the sauce is savory and sweet with some nutty flavor from the peanuts. The mild sweetness of the vegetables also create a big impact in this refreshing dish. Looking back, I’ve learned not only how to make amazing raw vegan recipes but also the health benefits of consuming raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. In just 7 days, my body had more energy,  my skin glowed all the time, and my mind thought a lot clearer. I also lost two pounds- although weight loss wasn’t really part of the plan. Congrats on completing your raw week! Growing up eating heavily meat based dishes, RG often wondered if there’s ANYTHING ELSE out there that would not only TASTE GOOD but also make you FEEL GOOD (no guilt). Lo and behold, she has discovered the delicious world of vegan dishes! (yes, that’s delicious and vegan in one sentence). Since then, she’s been blogging with fellow Astig, TJ, about recipes they either “veganized” or originally created. Both of them also love to organize vegan potlucks with friends, often kicking butt in the game of charades. They’re also dabbling into the catering world so if you want to have an Astig dish at your party, just give them a holler.

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