Curry Cashew Butter

Curry Cashew Butter

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I do hope you will check it out. I was out for a run the other morning, listening to an Our Hen House podcast, and suddenly I stopped in my tracks. Jasmin and Mariann had been describing some of the best raw vegan cheese they have ever eaten, made by Health Nut.  I didn’t stop then. I stopped when they described the Health Nut nut butters. Specifically the curry cashew butter.  My first thought? I can totally make this; raw cashews, curry. I went to the Health Nut website to see the ingredients: cashews, coconut oil, olive oil, spices and pink Himalayan salt.  Ingredients that would make Dr. Furhman freak and leave no-oil, n0-salt, no-sugar vegans quaking in their boots. Naturally, I decided to make the nut butter, added oils and all. Last weekend I was in Pittsburgh and I tweeted vegan food photos throughout the weekend – because I like to show people how easy it is to eat vegan when traveling.  Saturday I posted a picture of breakfast from a diner: a cup of coffee and a piece of whole grain toast with natural peanut butter. More fat than blogs that avoid all added oil/fat? Yep, I definitely have more fat than that. More fat than blogs that feature bacon, butter and other animal-based saturated fats? Love whole food fats (avocados, seeds and nuts – like the nut butter on my toast) but also use oil, happily. I’ve already tackled this issue here on the blog and you can read all about it here:  What’s up with the rice and pressure cooker obsession? (+ I’m a high-fat vegan) because I’m moving on to share this delicious, nut butter recipe with added fat! Place cashews in a food processor for six minutes. At six minutes, scrape down the sides, add the remaining ingredients, and process for another six minutes.

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