Curious about raw food techniques? Try this quick, easy way to use raw greens as a "wrap." Lunch just got greener!

Curious about raw food techniques? Try this quick, easy way to use raw greens as a \

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It has remained a reader favorite ever since, and it’s also one of my personal favorites. Since then, I’ve posted a lot of recipes for wraps made with green leafies, be they collards, kale, or romaine. Today, over at Food 52, I’m sharing a special “how-to” on prepping, folding, and enjoying collard leaf wraps. And finally, I’ll include a new and improved version of my famous collard wraps and pizza cheese, this time spruced up with some sweet, tender roasted peppers. Head on over to Food 52 to learn all about this healthy, fun, and creative alternative to wraps as usual! They are so tightly wrapped, without tearing the leaves..I clearly need your tutorial on it! A wrap making tutorial would be excellent. I’ve never tried green wraps, but I definitely will after reading this post! Thanks so much for your inspiration. I’ve attempted to do this before and they worked relatively well, but I think I just did it too loose. It was an amusing eating experience. I'm passionate about helping people to discover and enjoy plant based foods in a simple and healthy way. My name is pronounced like "Jenna." The information on Choosing Raw is based on research, conversations with health practitioners, and my personal experience with raw foods only. It should not be taken as prescriptive advice. If you're seeking a formal medical diagnosis or prescription, or if you are contemplating any major dietary change, I suggest you speak with a health care provider. Site customized by Zesty Blog Consulting

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