Craving chocolate..? Eat this.

Craving chocolate..? Eat this.

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Best Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ever! I think I have already mentioned this a hundred times on this blog but let me tell you once more that I have a HUGE sweet tooth! But who doesn’t like chocolate! We know we ALL love chocolate! I just can’t resist a fresh batch of chocolate cookies, brownies, cake, muffin or just about anything made from chocolate! Which is exactly the reason why I don’t bake/blog a lot of chocolate recipes! But there is one slight problem! I can’t get myself to bake anything with so much butter, sugar and eggs! I have tried quite a few, eggless brownie recipes before and was never too satisfied with the result. It was always a little like a cake or not dense and chewy enough. I decided to make my own recipe, a vegan brownie which is healthy as well as tasty. I would like to believe that I have succeeded! I have shared them with about 8-10 people so far and none of them realized they were vegan! These fudge brownies are rich, fudgy and dense. They are not too sweet but have a strong chocolate flavor. I tried 3 variations of the recipe and all of them were different yet good in their own way. I am blogging this recipe as I personally felt these were the best. My first set of brownies were great but were too intensely chocolaty! You really have to be a super chocoholic to like those gooey, fudgy and extremely rich fudge! I will definitely blog that recipe some other time but today it’s these beautiful, rich yet lite brownies! For all the vegans out there, according to me this REALLY is a best brownie recipe ever! For the rest of you… please forget that these are vegan and just bake them!

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