Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

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Vegan Richa: Cinnamon Rolls / Buns. The best ever Cinnamon buns / rolls which are not floating in butter and sugar.. These addictive rolls are somewhat healthy, made with wheat, bread and cashew flour and limited oil/butter. There is obviously the sugar, which I like on the less side. But they still make for a not too decadent a breakfast. You need to make these beauties right away! They are also Almost No knead and only 1 rise. They work well both with or without icing. These rolls are pull apart, crowded up in a cake pan. So you will definitely get more than 1 when you try to tear them apart. All that fresh bread and fresh cinnamon scent is enough to make me anyone weak knee-ed:) Hubbs cant have enough of these either. Both me and hubbs choose icing free options even when we pick up doughnuts or cinnamon rolls anywhere. Most days the super sweet icing hurts my teeth:) Feel free to up the sugar to your taste though. I make the dough, then roll it out to make the buns,  and they rise only once in the cake pan, and are baked after the rise. You can let the dough rise for an hour and then punch it down and make the rolls. Or store the dough overnight, then let it sit on the counter for an hour before you proceed to make the dough into rolls. Ground cashew adds the butter+egg effect and wheat flour balances out all the white flour. You can replace both with more bread flour. You might need a few Tablespoons more bread flour to get a non sticky dough. In other news, The Vegan Woman is setting up the 2013 Vegan Food blog guide. Please send in your recommendations here. mix and let sit for 5 minutes.

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