Chocolate Ice Cubes! ~ Raw and Vegan Kids Saturday!

Chocolate Ice Cubes! ~ Raw and Vegan Kids Saturday!

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Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!): Chocolate Ice Cubes! ~ Raw and Vegan Kids Saturday! ~ Raw and Vegan Kids Saturday! This summer, at Raw on $10, Saturdays are for kids! I think it would be fun to do some raw and vegan recipes for kids. Dishes that are simple enough for them to make mostly on their own, with just a little bit of supervision. Learning about foods, how to make them, where they come from, what's healthy ... it's good to get started young on those things! So, every Saturday throughout the summer, I'll have some kind of fun and easy to make recipe or a raw and vegan food project. I'll sometimes enlist the help of my assistants and advisers, Alexandria who is five, and, Ledger, who is four. This is our first recipe and we even made a video. The Chocolate Ice Cubes are vegan but not totally raw. The recipe can easily be made raw by using raw cacao powder and coconut palm crystals, although keep in mind that raw cacao is likely more potent and stimulating than plain cocoa powder. If you want a lot of chocolate ice cubes, use a big spoon!! Put in the freezer for at least 15 minutes. Pop chocolates out of ice cube tray and enjoy!! Alex + Ledger are adorable, and great assistants! I'm excited to try the choc "ice cubes". those ice cubes sound like the perfect summer treat! Your kids are so cute! Now I can get some ideas of healthy snacks to do with my nieces and nephews. Look forward to this new series. I've got YS2 helping me in the kitchen so this will be perfect. Full day raw menus with recipes and nutritional information. serves 1 ~ $.30 per serving   When I was about five years old, I saw an ad for sea monkeys.

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