Chocolate Cream Pie – Gluten-free + Vegan

Chocolate Cream Pie – Gluten-free + Vegan

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Her beautiful photos of  her delicious creations always look so amazing and would constantly leave me drooling! Alissa and I seem to have similar tastes in food and so often I find myself checking her site and seeing a newly posted recipe similar to something I have been working on or playing with, thinking she beat me to it . Today Alissa is sharing an incredible looking recipe for a vegan gluten-free Chocolate Cream Pie that is definitely more than drool-worthy (that she somehow made, photographed and got to me without having power at her NJ home, in the wake of Sandy). I am the “girl” (aka Alissa) over at Girl Makes Food. I am a culinary school grad turned holistic nutrition counselor. I am a big fan of healthy, quick, and easy meals, so I try to focus on ease and simplicity with my recipes. All my recipes are vegetarian, a lot of them vegan. In the spirit of quick and easy, this pie is just that. Super cinchy, and super yummy!! I love pies, and my Thanksgiving dessert spread is usually all about pies. But my favorite one by far is a chocolate pie I make every year. It is super rich but full of dairy, so I decided to try my hand at a plant-based version!! It turned out really well, firm enough to slice and serve with ease, and no one will ever suspect the main ingredient is tofu!! I also love that this pie is rich (just like the original), and also pretty filling so a small slice goes a long way. I fed it to friends and got the stamp of approval, which makes me jump around with excitement!! Jumping when I get excited is a normal thing for me, and this jumping led to hubby installing an earthquake strap to our TV.

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