Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Pie (Vegan and Sugar Free!)

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Pie (Vegan and Sugar Free!)

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Even just for a minute... It's the Vegan Virtual Potluck today and I have been very excited about it ever since I signed up. I can't wait to see what everybody else is bringing to the potluck - 103 bloggers will be contributing this year. So sit back and work your way through them all. Each post is linked to the next post so you can start at appetisers and work your way through to dessert. If you've already worked your way through all the recipes before me then you must already be very full, but I hope you left some room because this is worth it! Cooking for an event with a whole host of other vegan cooks from around the world, I knew that I wanted to bring something special because every vegan blogger already knows how to make vegan chocolate cakes, vegan cupcakes of all varieties and all the more common forms of desserts. I also wanted to make it something a bit healthy, and preferably sugar free. Looking at the above picture you're probably thinking that I didn't manage to make it healthy and sugar free - but that's where you would be mistaken! I give you sugar free, dairy free vegan chocolate banana ice cream pie. Yes, it's rich and decadent, no, it's not that bad for you! I've been meaning to try the chocolate ice cream posted by JJ at 84th & 3rd for the Death By Chocolate Blog hop for some time, so I decided to use it as the ice cream layer for my pie. It's made from avocado, banana and cocoa and that is it. So elegant that I had to try it. She calls it chocolate ice cream - but I've called mine chocolate banana ice cream because I can tell you that you can definitely taste the banana!

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