Captain Jack Brownie Cookie Bars

Captain Jack Brownie Cookie Bars

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I last posted on Thursday. I'm not sure what's going on. I sit down at my computer and everything feels daunting: writing posts, editing photos, even just keeping up with Facebook and Twitter have felt like too much. But all that is my problem, not yours. May I beg forgiveness for my absence with a delicious treat and reminder that you can still enter to win a Canon Rebel? Well, I had no choice, but to spend all day Saturday watching Mad Men. Sunday was a belated birthday gathering for Steve. Monday we gals had a wonderful play date with our friends Emma and April. Yesterday was time for Clarissa and Veronica's dental check up and cleaning. How could I have fit time for blogging into all that excitement? <---By that, I mean that I use all my spare time to watch Mad Men. I have other pathetic excuses for not blogging. Rather than creating new recipes, I've been testing cookies for the book and cleaning out the freezer for suppers. Using up all those tidbits of tofu marinade and such, makes for an easy meal, but means I don't have a recipe to share. But I have a recipe for you today. I can't take credit for this recipe idea. The recipes themselves are my own, but the concept for a brownie all dolled up with a peanut butter cookie crust and sandwich cookies inside? That's the doing of Kimberly, the Doctor Who/Captain Jack loving gal behind the blog Treats & Trinkets. There is no way to go wrong, with a dessert inspired by the very dreamy Jack Harkness. This recipe has four layers, with two separate recipes, but it's not difficult and doesn't take too long. Don't look at the length of the recipe below, and be scared off.

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