Best Vegan Ranch Dressing I've ever tried!

Best Vegan Ranch Dressing I've ever tried!

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Several users have given this vegan ranch positive reviews, both as a salad dressing or thickened up and used as a dip. To use your ranch dressing as a dip, just add a bit extra mayonnaise and a bit less soy milk to make it thicker. Place the dip in the fridge; dressing will thicken and set as it cools. Enjoy your homemade vegan ranch dressing. I used unsweetened Almond Milk and did not add salt. My recommendations to switch it up a bit is to add Vegetarian Bacon Bits (ie BacOs) for a Bacon Ranch Dressing or my absolute fave: add 2 tsp of chopped cilantro and 1 or 2 chopped chipotle peppers (remove seeds if you don't want it too firey) in Adobe Sauce for a Smokey Chipotle Ranch Dressing. Add more adobe sauce if you want deepen the color and flavor of the dressing.Write a review1 out of 1 people found this helpful.Was this review helpful to you?

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