Bean and Barley Vegetable Stew

Bean and Barley Vegetable Stew

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I missed that hour when daylight savings began. I lazed around all Sunday morning and suddenly realized I needed to make at least one big dish to reheat this week.  Not sure what to make I began where I always begin these days … by making a vegetable broth.  With the broth in the pressure cooker I thought about what I could make.  One dish with vegetables, grains, and beans seemed like the way to go. I went through my pantry and saw pearled barley. Yes!  This grain cooks in about 18 – 20 minutes in the pressure cooker, so I referred to my Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure cookbook to see what beans required the same cooking time:  black, flageolet and navy.  I had flageolet beans on hand! Saute shallots, celery and jalapeno for a few minutes. Add mushrooms, tomato, green beans, bay leaf, spices, broth, water, beans, and barley. Cover the pressure cooker and bring to pressure. Cook at pressure for 20 – 22 minutes. Once pressure has released, remove the lid, away from you, and add lemon juice, cardamom and salt. I love adding lemon juice to my beans before adding salt.  You all know I love my oil and salt but I really do try to enjoy them in moderation.  Adding lemon or lime juice to my bean dishes adds a flavor dimension that curbs my desire for salt.  Anyone else find that to be true? I’m packing this stew for lunch today – I’ll serve it hot, over a bed of a raw baby spinach. I love barley sooooo much! And I’m thrilled about Daylight Savings Time! I’ve edited the post above but it’s 3/4 cups pearled barley (dry) and you add it to the pressure cooker with the beans.  Sorry about that! I haven’t used my pressure cooker yet, and this sounded amazing ..

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