Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake

Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake

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Can someone make all these (vegan) shakes for me please because they just sound so tasty! I’ll blame the ripple part. And this Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake is no exception. Light and crunchy sliced almonds mingle with sweet banana, coconut and cinnamon flavors. And a secret ingredient worth trying!.. I’m obsessed with these things. I freeze plain old (full fat or light) coconut milk into ice cube trays and blend a few cubes into my shakes and smoothies. Blend the almond butter ripple sauce. Warm in microwave if needed to stir well. Blend the smoothie ingredients – the sliced almond make things crisp and lovely. Pour smoothie into glass – half way – they swirl in some ripple sauce. Then add remaining smoothie and remaining ripple. Want more awesome vegan smoothies? Check out my Smoothie iPhone App! Read more from Kathy on her blog, Healthy. Follow Kathy on Facebook and Twitter for updates! Don’t miss the latest from Family Kitchen – Like Us on Facebook! She is the author of 365 Vegan Smoothies (Spring 2013). Further enhance your experience by turning on sharing to allow your own activity on Babble to be shared with your Facebook friends. Simply slide the 'On/Off' button to decide when and what you want to share with friends. Reading about a sensitive topic? Simply move the slider to the off position before reading the article. You can always delete any item from your activity that you don't want shared. See below for more information. This app will collect your basic info and share your reading activity on Facebook. You can now automatically share with your friends everything you're reading and watching on Babble -- no more extra clicks or updates to inform your friends of the hottest posts and information from your favorite bloggers. Let them see what you're reading, have all your friends do the same and consider yourselves the most informed parents around.

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