A Vegan Thanksgiving

A Vegan Thanksgiving

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I've been vegan for a while but my family is non-vegan. None the less we have a lot of people coming over for thanksgiving and they have agreed to let me set the whole entire thanksgiving meal menu, so I would absolutely love some suggestions! The hardest part will be serving up something for my grandmother. She has severe health restrictions so she needs to follow something called 'Diet No. forbidden: Soups with meat broth, fish, mushroom and vegetable, milk soup, soup, hash, meat and fish, liver, kidneys, fried and stewed, smoked, sausage, cream, sour cream, milk products, fat cottage cheese, barley grits, crisp cereal, pasta, millet, beans, cabbage, radish, radish, spinach, sorrel, garlic, onions, carbonated beverages, pasta, white bread. Please shoot me thanksgiving ideas and recipes your way! The earlier I plan, the better the dinner will be :3

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