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They are easy to cook and awesome in taste! Make little circles out of this dough and keep aside. To prepare the filling just roast garlic, onion and tomatoes with mushrooms and other ingredients as desired in little oil. On the other side you can prepare an awesome mixture of ricotta cheese and mozzarella and mix it with the filling prepared earlier. Add vegan parmesan cheese too if you are a cheese lover! Add salt, pepper, chilli flakes and oregano! Now just roll out the dough circles in medium size like a chapatti and fill it with the mushroom and ricotta filling. Pinch the edges and brush a little with olive oil to make sure that they don’t stick. Heat in the over and eat them fresh! Try this recipe and you will agree that even meatless calzones can be extremely tasty! We will tell you how it will boost your taste buds too! Mix the all-purpose flour (can be wheat or white flour) with baking soda (1/3rd of quantity of flour) with granular sugar and egg substitute ,chia seed is great as egg substitute . Add vegan cheese into this mixture and blend it properly so that there are no lumps. Gently fold the blueberries into it and pour the batter in parts on hot pan. Cook on medium flame with little oil to save it from sticking to the pan. Turn it to cook from the upper side once the other side turns brown! Serve it hot by sprinkling the desired condiments! You can add choco-chips or anything spicy as well! You need shell shaped pasta for this meal which you will hopefully find in the retail store near you! Cook this pasta as directed on the packet and set it aside after draining. Now fry little garlic and spinach in little oil till the time spinach leaves start to wilt.

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