7 Interesting Vegan Breakfast Ideas

7 Interesting Vegan Breakfast Ideas

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Maybe because you need to prepare it right in the morning after you get up. Because of that you can get in morning breakfast  routine or maybe you just have a lack of ideas. We have managed this list of 7  interesting vegan breakfast ideas  we hope you’ll find something interesting for yourself. It takes some time to prepare but it is worth every second. For the filling: chop spinach into strips, onion into rings, chop coriander roughly and cut tomatoes in half. Torn basil leaves by hand and slice thinly garlic. Add pepper and the filling is done. When you finish the stacking, a bit of the blended base mixture on top of the vegetables. Now stack another layer of the vegetables and pour again the mixture (and repeat this until the the case is completely filled). At the and put some thyme leaves on the top and place in the dehydrator at 115 degrees. Dehydrate for more than 24 hours or until the desired consistency is obtained. When you take the meal out, sprinkle with some more thyme. Definitely one of the most interesting vegan breakfast ideas. Check the full recipe here. Cover the saucepan, reduce temperature and let cook for about 15 minutes until quinoa is fluffy. Since this quantity of ingredients is for two servings, divide quinoa into two bowls and then cover with bananas, pecans, and a few extra drizzles of coconut milk. After the lentils are cooked drain it and leave it. Now took the zucchini and chop into rings and stew shortly in 2 teaspoons of olive oil. At the end of stewing add squashed garlic, stir it for minute and leave it to cool a little.  Now put lentils and cooked zucchini in a bowl or in blender and mix it. Add olive oil and lemon juice while you mix and pepper at the end.

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