60+ Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

60+ Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

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I have no idea how these holidays always creep up on me. This year, I decided I would make sure to plan ahead. To help you plan ahead as well, here are a few tips to have a successful vegan thanksgiving feast! Write down a list of which recipes you plan on making, if you are doubling the recipe, and what ingredients are needed. Take note of any ideas you have whether it be place settings, music, recipes, or how you will make sure Uncle Bobby stays happy the whole time. Give your recipes a test run a few days or even weeks in advance. I’m all for trying out new recipes but if you are hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner then this isn’t the time. Cookies, salads, sauces, and most soups are pretty straightforward and you can probably get away with not testing those out first. Test any new, big, or complicated recipes out first though. There’s nothing worse than trying out a recipe the day of and it failing completely or finding out that the cook time isn’t really 30 minutes but 3 hours! If you can make an entire recipe the day before Thanksgiving then do that! Dips, apple chips, and some salads can easily be made in advance. If that is just not possible, then at least try to do some prep work ahead of time. Cut up veggies and fruits that you might need for the next day. Put them in ziploc bags and keep them in the fridge to keep veggies fresh and crisp for the next day. Be sure to double check if anyone has nut or gluten allergies. Ask if others are gluten-free vegan, raw vegan, paleo, oil-free. Plan to at least have 1 appetizer, 2 sides, 1 entree, and 1 dessert that everyone can eat.

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