60 favourite vegan recipes (to celebrate vegan January!)

60 favourite vegan recipes (to celebrate vegan January!)

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I’ve really enjoyed the meals I’ve been creating – there’s been vegan tacos, vegan soup, vegan pâté, vegan stew… all sorts of things. And it’s all been great! Anyone who thinks vegan food purely consists of a pile of lettuce with some tofu on top is either ignorant or just stupid. That meal probably only made up about a third of my diet through January (kidding…). - for me at least, vegan food requires a bit more thought than vegetarian food. I guess it’s just because I’m not quite used to coming up with vegan meals yet, so it did take me a bit longer to come up with tasty recipe ideas. It’s probably how meat-eaters feel when they try to cut down on their meat intake – adjusting to anything new takes a bit of time. I’m sure if I was to stay vegan for longer, it would start to come more naturally. - it definitely helps to have supportive friends and family. When we’ve visited our families over the last month, both my mum and my fiancé’s mum have helped us come up with some great meals. So many of you have reached out to me this month to tell me about your own veganism. Vegans come in all shapes and sizes, and eat the way they do for a wide variety of reasons – I’ve loved hearing from you all! - I’m really looking forward to eating some cheese tomorrow! However, although I don’t plan on staying vegan, I’ve definitely come to appreciate the fact that not everything is better with cheese (just most things…), so I’ll definitely be trying to include more vegan recipes on the blog as well as my usual ones. So there you have it.

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