6 Samoan Recipes - Vegan Style

6 Samoan Recipes - Vegan Style

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Even just for a minute... That has happened to me lately, I can't believe how quickly the weeks go by! I suddenly turned around and realised that March was over and April was here and opps! I haven't put up my Samoan summary yet and my blog has been rather neglected. So, I'm doing something a little sneaky (but it's not sneaky if I'm telling you I'm doing it right?). I'm putting up this post in early April, but back-dating it so that it looks like I was on top of things and put it up on March 31st :) You'll forgive me right? March has been a bit of a difficult month for me, so I'm quite glad it's over! I'm hoping that things will be looking up in April. But despite a tough month emotionally, it was a rather delicious month on the blog. Admittedly, I struggled a bit with Samoa which is why there are slightly less recipes than I usually post for my featured country, but all the things I did make were truly delicious. There were (as usual!) two or three dishes that I didn't quite get around to posting/making. Hopefully I'll get them to you at a later date. But for now - here is a recap of the delicious Samoan recipes from March. It's very easy to make and it's just a little bit special, so I think I'll be using it to accompany my curries more often. Check out the recipe here. Something about freshly baked bread just makes you feel a bit melty inside, and even more so when they're packed full of fresh coconut and eaten warm straight out of the oven. If you serve these to people they will be seriously impressed when they find out you made them from scratch!

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