50 Vegan Christmas Cookies Recipes! - various bloggers

50 Vegan Christmas Cookies Recipes! - various bloggers

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Gluten Free Gifts in Jars. November 30, 2014 by Kelly Roenicke 1 Comment Have you started thinking about Christmas cookies yet? There are so many possibilities, aren’t there? And when they’re all warm from the oven – that’s the best! A little hot cocoa, some cookies, the tree all lit up – it’s just perfect. Clearly I will need to exercise some self-control though. As a food blogger, there tends to be an overload of sweets in my house during December. Thankfully we have some nice neighbors and my vegan brother and sister-in-law who are more than happy to take them off our hands. Photo credits: Vegan Richa, The Veg Life, The Pretty Bee, Southern Vegan Kitchen. I hope you’ve found some new recipes to try this season! What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie to bake?

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