50 Vegan Chinese Inspired Recipes

50 Vegan Chinese Inspired Recipes

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There’s something to them. For most of my life, I thought this was a bunch of nonsense. I was told, some time when I was very young, that I born under the sign of the¬†monkey, because I was born in 1980. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I went to see the Chinese New Year parade in Philly, in February, that it occurred to me that because I was born in January, I must be associated with the previous sign – the sheep. Keep this in mind next time you read about your sign on a Chinese restaurant menu. You could also just skip the restaurant, and celebrate Chinese New Year at home, vegan style. Chinese New Year celebration falls on February 19th this year. Certainly not the life of the party. I like to celebrate Chinese New Year too, even if I’m not Asian. And so many tasty ideas. Thanks for including my recipe. Thanks a lot for including our recipes Have a nice day!!!! There’s so many great dishes here!

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