50 Vegan Breakfast Bowls

50 Vegan Breakfast Bowls

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Not just for you guys, I mean, I’m happy to share and all, but also for me. Spending a few weeks surfing the net with a focus and pinning like crazy in one category is a great way to work my inspiration juices. What’s better on a hectic weekday morning than a quick and hearty breakfast? And what’s generally the best type of breakfast for being quick and hearty? See, when I first heard the mention of a “vegan breakfast bowl,” something came right to mind. Breakfasts you eat in a bowl. I’ve got lots of those! Granolas, smoothie bowls, oatmeals, other cerealy stuff. Not what I had in mind. The vegan breakfast bowl is a completely different animal (pun intended). So don’t expect to find 50 vegan sausage and egg recipes, which, honestly would get a bit boring if you ask me. Fruits, grains, dairy-free milks, and okay, maybe I took a little liberty in including a baked breakfast bowl section, but you can eat that stuff in a bowl and Autumn is one week away! So I stand by that decision. Having said all that, here’s 50 mouthwatering examples of delicious vegan breakfast bowls! What a great list of yummy ways to start your day!

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