50 Amazing Vegan Lentil Recipes

50 Amazing Vegan Lentil Recipes

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Every year, the United Nations observes an issue of international interest or concern. (See the list here - very interesting!) It seems like an amazing thing to help connect and unify the world in a positive way; encouraging us to work, learn, and join together for a greater good. This year, 2016 was declared "International Year of the Pulses". If you're wondering what pulses are, you're not alone. I'd never heard that term before! But funny enough, it turns out pulses are one of my favorite things - a subgroup of the legume family which includes dried lentils, beans, peas, and chickpeas... Below I'm highlighting one of the amazing pulses (lentils!) with 50 diverse vegan recipes. I encourage you to get involved and celebrate the international year any way you can. Have fun and enjoy the recipes! I'd love to see how you're incorporating these powerful pulses! Happy to share the lentil love :) That recipe looks like my perfect dinner!! A vegetable enthusiast who loves animals, nature, matcha, positivity, kindness, and colorful food!

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