5 Secrets to Perfect Hummus + Recipe

5 Secrets to Perfect Hummus + Recipe

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I am going to tell you about perfect hummus. I know, the originality of my intention is zero – who has not posted a hummus recipe or two with claiming reasonable perfection? Hummus is not longer viewed as an exotic dish coming from the Middle East but a simple fix of the ingredients readily available to a modern day home cook. Maybe that explains the whole deal of the wanna-be-hummus recipes out there which do not get you anywhere close to the real deal. Unlike the one I am going to share. So what makes me so well positioned to talk to you about perfect hummus, or how do I dare? Well, I have eaten a lot of hummus and a lot of unfortunate takes on it, so I have developed an eye (or rather palate) to tell a particularly fortunately turned out hummus. Also, many times I have assisted my Turkish Mediterranean mother-in-law who turns amazing hummus, a dish which they think to be their own down in the South. And then I have collected the final pieces of hummus wisdom during the recent trip to Antakya when I every day I ate plates of smooth and light hummus that at times could be confused with whipped cream. In Antakya they have a clue about hummus since the Syria is a stone’s throw away. Antakyans eat hummus as breakfast and then again as one of the dozen starters that kick off lunch or dinner. Chickpeas were as cheap as rice there, and I wanted to fill my whole suitcase with them (before I realized we already had 20 kg of food ready to board the plane with us). So after all those Antakyan hummus experiences I feel obliged to let you know how to make perfect hummus, Antakya style. So we are going for high quality items here – chickpeas that have not being sitting in your pantry / on the vendor’ shelf for too long ensuring they are going to be tender when you cook them.

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