5 Minutes Microwave Potato Chips!!

5 Minutes Microwave Potato Chips!!

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Yes you heard it right, just 5 minutes in microwave, no need deep frying and you will get crispy, tasty just like a store bought potato chips. It’s super easy, only takes 10 minutes start to finish and your potato chips in your plate ready to eat. Potato chips are one of my favorite snack and I think most popular snack in this world. I love potato chips, I know who don’t, almost everyone, and any age’s people love potato chips. Is Potato Chips made in the microwave? Answer is yes, it’s actually work very well and a great substitute for regular potato chips (which is deep fried). This need very less oil, just for spreading that’s it. It is great for dipping or snacking. These Easy Microwave Potato Chips are so crispy, crunchy and totally snack able! You will love them, and they’re ready in just few minutes! Wash potatoes and make thin slices using the potato slicer or you can use the sharp knife and make thin slices. Take a bowl or container, and add potato slices, ½ tsp oil and 2-3 pinch of salt in it. Mix all slices very well. If you are using container then cover the lid and shake it well, so oil coat the chips easily. Take a microwave safe plate, grease it with oil then arrange all slices in thin single layer on the plate. Place the plate in the microwave and cook it for 4-5 minutes in high (full power) till slightly golden brown. Remove the plate, be careful because the plate will be hot that time. Repeat the process for remaining slices to make more chips. Your 5 Minutes microwave chips are ready, sprinkle some salt if needed and serve. • After mixing the slices in oil and salt, it will make moisture like water remove or drain it before placing on the plate.

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