5 Minute Tofu "Egg" Salad Sandwich

5 Minute Tofu \

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Breads, Indian, Creative Vegan Recipes with whole, organic and healthy Ingredients. I was like, why haven’t we done this before. Hubbs ate the whole bowl by himself and I had to make more. So I took pictures of my sandwich and was hoping to post it today by 11 am. And then this is what happened. It was game day today, so in general the anxiety level in the house was up. After 2 attempts at a walk, chewie finally did make it a few blocks in the crazy thunderstorms. Everyone was soaking wet. Around 10:30, hubbs was irritated at the stuff sitting here and there in the kitchen and living area (remnants from general saturday and cooking), so I postponed the post write up and chewie’s bath and we put things back and cleaned up to ease the rising stress. We ate some PB bowls through the disappointing first two quarters. Chewie sensing the energy, promptly went upstairs to catch a calm nap. I had my shower and used conditioner instead of shampoo and realized after I was done, so I had another shower. With the frustration in the house, I couldn’t get myself to do anything else but watch the game. And then everything just turned in the last 3 minutes. Like OMG, that was some game! Overtime was even more fabulous! Super bowl here we come. After all that yelling and jumping, I needed a power nap or two. Now I am back awake with tired eyes which most likely will not be reading much today or tomorrow. Anywho, make this super easy tofu salad! Press the Tofu between your hands to remove some not all excess liquid. Taste and adjust to preference. Chill until ready to serve. Before serving, dress with a very liberal sprinkle of freshly ground pepper!

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