5 Minute Queso For Your Vegan Superbowl Snacking Needs!

5 Minute Queso For Your Vegan Superbowl Snacking Needs!

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If you avoid dairy products like I do, then you probably miss eating cheese from time to time (if you don't miss it, I envy you!) The warm, creamy, spicy cheese sauce also known as queso is a staple in many American social gatherings and is normally accompanied by tortilla chips. It's also delicious smothered on top of loaded nachos, burritos, rice, roasted vegetables, pasta, baked potatoes, stuffed peppers, a spoon...yeah, there's really nothing that queso doesn't go with! This recipe uses a secret ingredient: PUMPKIN! If you're weirded out by that, don't be! I promise the final product does NOT taste like pumpkin. The pumpkin's role is to provide the right texture and consistency, add a touch of sweetness to counteract the different spices, and to give the queso that beautiful cheesey orange hue. I'm a baker so I always have pumpkin puree in my pantry, but if you don't have any on hand, that's okay! You may sub equal amounts of cooked butternut squash, sweet potato, or carrot. Just peel and dice the vegetable of your choice and steam or boil until tender. Does this vegan queso taste like cheese? Well, to be honest with you, no. But it also doesn't have any of the processed ingredients, trans fat, or cholesterol, and just a fraction of the fat and sodium that dairy-based queso comes with. What this queso DOES have is savory, cheesey flavor, spicy and smoky notes, a velvety and luscious mouthfeel, and the perfect consistency for dipping and pouring. It also just happens to look EXACTLY like dairy-based queso! I hope you'll give this recipe a try at your next potluck, birthday party, or game day. I promise you and your guests will be fighting over the last drop. Add all ingredients except water into your blender and blend on high until everything is smooth and combined, about 30-60 seconds.

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