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She was a gentle shopper, rarely in a hurry and always willing to search around for good deals to save us a little extra money. I’d be lying if I said this is why I loved trips to the store, besides the fact that I just loved being with her. But I most looked forward to the end of our trip when we’d finally lassoed our goods and meandered over to the check out line. That was where the Snickers bars were, right at eye level with 3-foot me. And my mom always let me have one, not necessarily because she was a softie (though she was), but because I always asked and I was quite persistent. I hope any future mini-me’s are a little less aggressive. Things haven’t changed much since then, only my palate is a touch more refined. These days I’m into healthier treats, for the sake of my teeth and my adversity to processed goods. So when considering how to veganize my all-time favorite candy bar and keep it simple, I had to get a little creative. The real stars of this bar are the vegan caramel, peanuts and chocolate anyway – this simply adds a healthier, not-too-sweet base for all of the goods to cling to. It just happens to only require 2 ingredients. The vegan caramel sauce came next, and after three trials I got it right. I simply modified my 4-ingredient bourbon caramel sauce to utilize full fat coconut milk in place of whipping cream. And the result was perfection: creamy, rich caramel sauce with no dairy and just 4 ingredients. Layer the nougat with caramel sauce and peanuts. Dip the bars in dark chocolate and brush to coat. How close are these bars to the real thing? The only real ¬†difference is the denser texture than the original, but other than that all of the flavors are spot on!

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