5 Best Vegan Recipes from Meatless Monday Posts in 2013

5 Best Vegan Recipes from Meatless Monday Posts in 2013

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Did you know producing one pound of beef uses as much water as taking 60 showers and as much fuel as driving a car 32 miles? We feature a new meat-free recipe every Monday to help make eating more plant-based easier (even if it’s only for one day). The luck of the Irish? I don’t know but this was our most popular vegan recipe post from 2013. Featuring vegan versions of traditional Irish dishes like vegan Irish stew, soda bread and Guinness brownies. No one will even notice there is no meat included in this healthy and hearty meal that’s also simple enough to make any night. Meatless Monday with Vegan Crispy Cajun Chickpea Cakes. This recipe is courtesy of the Vegan Dad blog and even though it was just posted in November, it quickly shot to #2 on this best of 2013 list and with good reason. This is an amazing recipe – delicious, satisfying, so simple to make and it’s gluten-free too. These chickpea cakes are even great to make ahead and keep in the freezer for when you need something super fast. You can eat them with salad, on a sandwich or as a main course protein source. I can’t rave enough about them and neither could so many of our readers. Meatless Monday with Vegan Crab Cakes with Sauce. This recipe proves (once again) that even though you are eating vegan, you don’t have to sacrifice the non-vegan flavours you knew and enjoyed. Plus it also includes directions for making a vegan cocktail and tartar sauce to accompany the cakes. Zucchini is so versatile and delicious here. Meatless Monday with (Vegan) Lentil and Mushroom Bourguignon. A vegan twist on a classic French dish and no one will even miss the meat. This delicious, gourmet meal is perfect if you are looking for a meal that is a little more special for when company is coming or for yourself just because.

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