5 Awesome Dairy-Free Kefir Recipes

5 Awesome Dairy-Free Kefir Recipes

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We are able to find all kinds of recipes for each user and need out there. Fortunately, you can always take advantage of the nutritional value of the kefir and its exquisite taste without choosing the dairy alternative. Some people could suffer a severe intolerance to dairy products. That’s why there has been created several recipes to offer dairy-free kefir alternatives to everyone. You can always take the ingredients at the supermarket or at specialized healthy-living stores near you and prepare yourself delicious dairy-free kefir beverages. These would give you all the benefits of the dairy ones, plus they will save you from all the inconvenience of a possible intolerance. Let’s take a closer look at this dairy-free kefir recipes. Instead of buying milk kefir grains, you will have to buy water kefir grains, which consists of small grains of symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast. When these grains are used to brew prepare water kefir, you have to save and cool them in order to make them grow, giving you the chance of using them again. First, you have to boil 6 cups of water and add the cane sugar. While the water is still hot, you need to stir and mix until the sugar dissolves completely. Then, you need to cool down the water by leaving it at room temperature. Take a jar with a lid and place the water kefir grains. Pour the sugar water into the jar and add the lemon and the dried figs. Close the lid but led some air enter to the jar. Allow the water to ferment about two or three days. Finally, strain the water kefir through a wood, plastic, or stainless steel strainer. Save the grains and enjoy the dairy-free kefir. You can read some more about this recipe here.

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