4th of July Recipe Roundup

4th of July Recipe Roundup

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 Sign up and never miss a post! And of course, cold beer. What’s the best way to bring a big crowd to your delicious backyard get-together? Having an awesome selection of vegan-friendly appetizers and snacks. (Ok, ok, maybe the carnivores can have some meat for themselves. Feel free to steal and modify them as much as you want! More coming soon, so be sure to subscribe if you want all the newest vegan recipes. I'm Natalia and I love creating new vegan recipes and talking health. I live in Oregon - where the wine flows and the produce grows! Many recipes are sugar-free and gluten-free in addition to being vegan. Stay tuned for an up-and-coming new cookbook! And of course, cold beer... Beet Melt Ever gone to a restaurant and fallen instantly in love? Well that was my experience at Ecliptic Brewing here in Portland... A long awaited first published cookbook is here! Self-publishing a cookbook (or any book really) is no easy feat, as I d... Maple-Agave Lotus Root and Sticky Rice Today is the last day of my veggie recipe challenge...

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