4th of July Berry Yogurt Tart

4th of July Berry Yogurt Tart

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As far as desserts go this is on the light and refreshing side, which is becoming increasingly important as the temperatures here rise. Though will I admit I couldn’t resist turning on the oven one last time for another awesome strawberry recipe (coming soon!). On the topic of non-dairy yogurt, this is a berry yogurt tart after all… so the yogurt flavor is fairly prominent. But that means that you need to love the non-dairy yogurt that you’re starting with, since the flavor will carry through. For the best texture, you’ll want to select a Greek-style option, preferably almond or coconut-based (I used cultured coconut milk – which is the option that I most strongly recommend). The higher fat content and lower hydration level will prevent the tart from getting icy in the freezer. We had a new Harris Teeter’s location open up in Baltimore; I was in the neighborhood visiting a friend and stopped in to check out their selection. Lo and behold, I found plain, UNsweetened nondairy yogurt there, which is something that I have never before seen sold in the city – not even at Whole Foods. I guess I will probably be back! Either that or I’ll get the hang of making my own =]. I actually made this a few weeks back, since I thought it would take more tries to come out right. If you want to make this and are using fresh berries, you may need to fiddle with the amount of sweetener and liquid. I am confident it will still turn out well. Due to the alcohol content in the berry layers, and the higher fat content in the yogurt layer, it will freeze to a soft and dreamy texture. Trust me on this one. I fed it to a whole group of dairy-eaters and they went nuts over it.

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