40+ Quick and Easy Whole Foods, Vegan Breakfasts

40+ Quick and Easy Whole Foods, Vegan Breakfasts

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Classes at the college where I teach started today, and I have to admit I’ve been scrambling (sshhh, don’t tell my students). Of course I’m prepared for classes (wouldn’t do to ask for an extension this early in the term, would it?), but with my new cookbook launching next week (it’s almost here!! and then just too plain tired to cook much that’s new for the HH and me. (And speaking of cookbook events, have you voted yet for which goodie I should bake from the book? I’ll be doing it live on a Google Hangout at 9:00 PM EST September 16th, and you can even bake along if you like! Just hop over to the event page and leave a comment to vote!). I mean, who has time to cook breakfast with the sudden return of rushed backpacks and school lunches, leaving the house 15 minutes earlier to avoid the instant autumn traffic, or sneaking in a few extra zzzz’s when it’s getting darker and darker every morning as the alarm goes off? But I love breakfast and couldn’t imagine doing without it. So I gathered together some of my best and easiest go-to breakfasts that provide a full and nourishing meal in less than 10 minutes. These are dishes you can cook up in that time, or else meals you can prepare in advance and then just grab to have on the road. Yes, I admit it: I’ve spent many a commute to work sipping on a green smoothie (though not talking on my cell phone, because we all know that’s just silly). By then, we might just feel like cooking breakfast again. You know we love breakfast, too, right? Oh, wait, we love lunch, too. Click here to subscribe to Diet, Dessert and Dogs via email.

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