40+ Plant-Based (Vegan) Cinco de Mayo Recipes!

40+ Plant-Based (Vegan) Cinco de Mayo Recipes!

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40+ Plant-Based (Vegan) Cinco de Mayo Recipes! Nixon | Category: HolidayCinco de Mayo is just a couple days away!Here are some recipe ideas from the blog and HH cookbooks to have a plant-proud fiesta all day long!P.S. There's also an awesome Cinco de Mayo-themed meal plan this week! 25)Mexican Scramble (Everyday Happy Herbivore, p. 27) wrapped in tortillasMigas (Happy Herbivore Abroad, p. 93)Black Bean & Salsa SoupTaco Soup (HHA, p. 23)Quick Chili Mole (HHA, p. 27)Tropical Taco Salad (HHLL, p. 130)Mexican Cabbage (The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, p. 100)Lentil Taco "Meat" (HHA, p. 43)Quinoa Taco "Meat" (HHLL, p. 67)Chickpea TacosFiesta Bake (EHH, p. 89)Smokey Black Bean Enchiladas (HHC, p. 147)Loaded Mexican Potato (HHLL, p. 195)Sweet Pea GuacamoleChips & DipsBaked Oil-Free ChipsPineapple & Black Bean Salsa (HHA, p. 293)Low-Fat Guacamole or Sweet Pea Guacamole (HHLL, p. 245)AJ's Pico de Gallo (HHA, p. Instant OatsAugust 15, 2011LINDSAY'S PICKSQuick & Easy Black Bean BurgersAugust 12, 2011Fat-Free Vegan Carrot Cake CupcakesMay 23, 2008What is nutritional yeast?August 11, 2011Get Meal Plans!Weekly 1200+ calorie meal plans for individuals and families!

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