4 Ingredient Vegan Frosting

4 Ingredient Vegan Frosting

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Many of the vegan frosting or icing recipes I have come across include some type of vegan margarine or butter. The thought of having a frosting with vegan margarine or butter wasn’t terribly exciting for me and so I wanted a healthier and yummier alternative. I love coconut and try to add it to anything I make when it makes sense. I had some coconut milk handy and decided to experiment with a frosting recipe. This vegan chocolate frosting recipe is so good you can eat it by itself (I definitely did!). You can save the coconut liquid (I usually freeze it to use in other baked goods) or you can drink it! Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl and whip it up with a hand mixer until completely smooth. Spread on your goodies / eat alone. Note that the frosting melts quickly so keep it in the fridge until right before you are ready to eat or serve it. Things I love: my family & friends, meditating, learning about healthy living and eating, making healthy food and eating healthy food.

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