4 Ingredient Banana Cookies

4 Ingredient Banana Cookies

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I have to give Cassey Ho at Blogilates credit for this cookie recipe. But I couldn’t stop with two healthy ingredients when so much more could be added. Like, I don’t know, coconut shreds and maple syrup? Add two tablespoons of coconut. Mix until toasted-about three minutes. Mix it frequently so it doesn’t burn. Add toasted coconut to oatmeal banana mix. Add two teaspoons maple syrup and optional 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. Mix until all ingredients come together. Take fairly big pieces, roll into a ball and flatten with the palms of your hand. Coat them in coconut shreds if you prefer. These cookies are great on their own, but I prefer a smear of peanut butter. Or a drizzle (let’s be real, downpour) of natural maple syrup. They taste like coconut banana bread. They’re easy, vegan, healthy and delicious. A wonderful snack to feed your sweet tooth. This entry was posted in Sweet Treats, Vegan and tagged coconut, oatmeal banana cookie, simple recipe, vegan cookie, vegan dessert. The tiger in the cage? Or the man who put him there?

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