4 Delicious Vegan Recipes for Athletes

4 Delicious Vegan Recipes for Athletes

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Who better to dish out some killer vegan recipes for athletes? Sometimes that works in his favor, like when he became a star butterflyer at Stanford University alongside Olympic swimmers Pablo Morales, John Moffet, and Jeff Kostoff. But it also led to a drug and alcohol addiction, and to a bad habit of overeating that left him 50 pounds over his college swim weight of 160, and winded when he climbed up stairs. Roll was about to turn 40. We’re looking hip and cool and mod and appealing. Our book is authentic to how we live. I’m inspired by it.And everyone seems to eat what’s in there.There are no separate meals for me apart from everyone else. It’s efficient, simple, nutritious, delicious. Everything in there is stuff I eat and eat regularly. But it all goes back to the family. It’s not about one precious recipe. What we want to do is empower you with these ingredients. Expand upon what’s in here for yourself. He’s been plant-based since 1967 and on his birthday he runs his age in miles. And this year he turned 68. He’s proof of the powerful effects of what this lifestyle can do. I’ve been able to hold onto my fitness and I don’t slip back so far and I recover very quickly.How do people know if it’s working for them—this sort of diet?Just because you’re superfit and performing as an athlete doesn’t mean you don’t have plaque in your arteries. It expedites your body’s ability to repair itself. You get better during training and in between training sessions. That translates into gigantic gains. And you’re less likely to overtrain or get sick.

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