30 minutes or less

30 minutes or less

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First time here, thought I'd try and contribute. I noticed a lot of recipe posts floating about but nothing specifically for quick meals, at least no posts younger than a year. What recipes do you have that you can knock out in half an hour? Here are mine, super simple. One drained can of chick peas, save liquid. Place the drained chick peas in a food processor or blender with the half cup of tahini and garlic. Blend for a few seconds, it should chop up but won't be smooth yet. Start adding oil, I use about half a cup to start out. At this point I let the machine blend for one or two minutes. That's a hummus, kinda. This is where the fun starts. I add either more oil or some of the chick pea liquid to make my hummus smoother. I like less oil, so I add about a quarter cup of liquid and continue to blend. Once I reach the desired thickness, I blend for about 5 more minutes and salt to taste. Don't be afraid to overblend! It only gets smoother and whips up quite nice. I've made all sorts of variations this way. Add Saracha to tase, maybe zest a lemon and sub lemon juice for some chick pea liquid, toss in a small baked sweet potato in another batch, half the chick peas with black beans, toss in artichoke hearts with some of their preservation liquid. Olive oil makes great hummus, but I only buy EVOO and don't like the taste in my hummus, so I cut it with canola oil as well. If your hummus feels like its missing something, try adding acidity. I use apple cider vinegar. Maybe a teaspoon or two. Rounds out the flavor without overpowering the delicate chick peas.

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