30 Healthy Veggie Chip Recipes

30 Healthy Veggie Chip Recipes

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Why must you taste so good? If this sounds like something you’ve said to yourself while nomming on a bag of chips, then join the club. And if you don’t want to be that person anymore, switch to healthier chips. Forget potatoes – they’re overrated! Here are 30 of the best healthy chip recipes we’ve found! Baked apple chips with cinnamon by Hello Natural. These sweet chips taste like almost like apple pie, and they have no sugar added.2. Sea salt lime spinach chips by A Clean Bake. A healthy homemade version of the tortilla chips we all love, made with spinach leaves.3. Curly kale chips by Francoise La Prune. These are truly superchips, made with curly kale leaves and your favorite spices on top.4. Salt and vinegar zucchini chips by The Wholesome Dish. If vinegar chips are your poison, replace them with this healthy alternative made with zucchini.5. Healthy beet chips by Banana Bloom. Not only is beet healthy, but it’s also tasty in this baked version, and it always looks good.6. Roasted seaweed by Lara Ngai. An addictive snack that is so much healthier than any potato chip could ever dream of. Nacho cheese kale chips by The Roasted Root. If the words “nacho cheese” are music to your ears, you’re gonna love these cheeseless kale chips.8. Nutmeg scented roasted sunchokes by Produce on Parade. Nutty and sweet, sunchokes are the perfect beginning for a snackful movie night.9. Crispy ranch Brussels sprouts chips by The Housewife in Training. Brussels sprouts produce the cutest bite-sized chips, that you’re gonna want to make again and again.10. Oven baked beet chips by Gather & Dine. Take all the beet colors you can find, and mix them together in a bowl of crispy goodness.11. Dehydrated kiwi chips by Thriving in Paleo.

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