3 Delicious Recipes with Chickpeas

3 Delicious Recipes with Chickpeas

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I had always wanted to create something delicious out of chickpeas but nothing comes to mind. Instead of using sweet potatoes, I stuck with the basics: chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika. One lesson learned from making this salad: it matters what kind of tofu you use. Don’t skimp on good tofu, they are worth it! Now I realize, no wonder some people are repulsed by tofu, they haven’t tried the good stuff. Definitely worth giving a try. So next time you get asked “So where do you get your protein?” You could add chickpeas to your list of answers. Thank you Fairy Healthy Life, Luminous Vegans, and Mighty Vegan for the amazing recipes. Please continue to inspire your subscribers! I had no idea about good quality tofu. That’s a great tip. Thank you for including me! And of course I’ll include you! And while at it, have fun exploring the vegan lifestyle. The AstigVegan Pinays:RG Enriquez has learned most of her cooking skills from the world’s best cook, her mom! Growing up eating heavily meat based dishes, RG often wondered if there’s ANYTHING ELSE out there that would not only TASTE GOOD but also make you FEEL GOOD (no guilt). Lo and behold, she has discovered the delicious world of vegan dishes! (yes, that’s delicious and vegan in one sentence). Since then, she’s been blogging with fellow Astig, TJ, about recipes they either “veganized” or originally created. Both of them also love to organize vegan potlucks with friends, often kicking butt in the game of charades. They’re also dabbling into the catering world so if you want to have an Astig dish at your party, just give them a holler. The AstigVegan Pinays:TJ is an occasional blogger with Astig Vegan and founder of the short-lived and now defunct blog Tsinay Vegan.

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