26 Easter Recipes – Candy, Cookies, Entrées, and More!

26 Easter Recipes – Candy, Cookies, Entrées, and More!

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* Do not modify this file directly. It is concatenated from individual module CSS files. Apart from hard boiled eggs, Easter is also rife with marshmallows, which contain gelatin, and milk chocolate, which obviously contains milk. A typical Easter dinner traditionally consists of ham or some other meat along with an assortment of sides that have been sufficiently slathered in butter and/or pig fat and/or gravy. What’s a vegan to do on Easter Sunday?The good news is, the Internet is chock-full of wonderful Easter-themed recipes that are entirely plant-based, and we’ve rounded up some of the best we could find. RelatedFiled Under: Recipes, Roundups← Is Crisco Vegan?Are Pretzels Vegan? Vegan Options at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar Browse By Tags Spanish Food Lentils Japanese Food Cocktails Quinoa Rice Gluten Free Pets Nuts Easter Chips Cats pasta Doughnuts Indian Food Eggplant Thai Food Seitan Chia Seeds Bread Chocolate Avocado Comfort Food Cake Chinese Food Christmas Pie Dressing Thanksgiving Burgers Pancakes Fruit Pumpkin Brunch Ice Cream Raw Mexican Food Peanut Butter Mediterranean Food Mayo Beans Lunch Tempeh Sandwiches Curry Dinner Casserole Cookies Chickpeas Spicy Breakfast Green Veggies Holiday Potatoes Italian Food Cheese Halloween Healthy Cereal Tofu Candy Go To TopCopyright © 2015 Vegan Food LoverView Full Site

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