25 Raw-mazing Desserts!

25 Raw-mazing Desserts!

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Raw Vegan Dessert Recipes to Crave! You probably do not think of raw vegan desserts as being decadent. But just take a peek at these recipes and you might change your view of what raw desserts look like. These desserts can satisfy just about any craving: ice cream, fluffy icing topped cake, tarts and pies, brownies, chocolate, cheesecake, sandwich cookies and more. And the best part is that since these dreamy recipes are made from natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, nuts, cacao, dates, agave syrup and fruit, you will feel much less guilty after your sweet treat indulgence. How about some Rocky Road Mousse Cake? Or maybe a brownie bite? Or some simple vanilla bean ice cream? Your dessert cravings can easily be given a raw, vegan makeover. And these raw-mazing recipes will prove it! Check out these 25 amazing raw, vegan desserts!.. It is made using carrots, dates and nuts like cashews to create that ultra silky frosting. This dessert is a must try for any carrot cake lover! Samoa cookie flavors all wrapped up in a cashew cheesecake dessert. Now just look at this dessert, it is raw-mazing! Plenty of chocolate flavor in here too. Ice cream cake lovers, try this! And the raw, agave syrup-based chocolate syrup on top is pretty genius! Now try that same beloved ice cream flavor in raw form using frozen bananas. Well these apple, almond butter, caramel sandwiches are sure to please even the fruit-fearing folks. Dreamy dessert colored using beets! Well this cake infused with vegan marshmallows, nuts and chocolate is sure to please. Especially when infused into this raw vegan cheesecake. Or serve with fresh berries for a simple treat. Green color from a hint of spinach. This is a raw cheesecake with a cacao crust and fresh berries on top.

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