25 Desserts That Prove Vegan Food Doesn't Suck

25 Desserts That Prove Vegan Food Doesn't Suck

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Salads?”, as if to imply that a vegan diet is boring, limited, and consists of nothing more than lettuce. The fact is, there’s a shit ton of fantastic vegan food out there. Here are 25 Desserts That Prove Vegan Food Doesn’t Suck! It’s not every day you find a vegan, raw dessert shop in the middle of a very small town in Romania. I had the chance to try several desserts from Delicious Raw in Brasov and they were all fantastic but my favorite was the raw key lime pie with chia seeds. I ate so much delicious food while I was there and a couple of desserts I will probably never forget.  The one I remember the most is the Vegan Chocolate Mousse I had at Verdeo. It was thick, creamy, intense, and everything you want chocolate mousse to be. It’s not always easy to find a good vegan artisan ice cream, but the rice milk one made by Italian hands at the popular (for good reasons!) ice cream shop in Barcelona was just perfect, with a creamy and rich flavour. We tried the dark chocolate, cinnamon, and avocado and lime flavors and believe me when I say it was hard to leave without having a second one. You can imagine how happy we were when we finally found a delicious looking vegan cheesecake from Mono in Glasgow, made with cashew cream. The base was just crunchy enough and not too hard, and the cream ‘cheese’ was incredibly soft, smooth and luscious. We had one slice with mixed berries plus another with an oreo topping and it was pretty hard to choose our favorite between the two. This was actually at a Thai restaurant called Thai Vegan in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US.

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