25 Creative Vegan Falafel Recipes

25 Creative Vegan Falafel Recipes

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Please add all your custom CSS here and avoid modifying the core plugin files, since that'll make upgrading the plugin problematic. Your custom CSS will be loaded in your section of your wordpress theme, which means that your rules will take precedence. Just add your CSS here for what you want to change, you don't need to copy all the plugin's stylesheet content. Here’s 25 pieces of delicious inspiration to get you psyched up! They can be rough on plant eating peeps. If it’s not grandma trying to sneak chicken broth into your stuffing, it’s your uncle giving you weird looks after confirming that you’re still on that meatless kick you started when you were thirteen. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a holiday in celebration of some awesome vegan food? Madonna probably had falafel in mind when she first belted out that lyric. Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, and today’s holiday. Did you know that today is the 4th International Falafel Day? Perfect occasion for a vegan celebration if you ask me. And for once, you know the food will be good. Here’s 25 delicious recipes to confirm just that. Thank you so much for including my recipes! I love your falafel ideas – really brilliant! Love the idea of serving them in a curry. Thanks for including my roasted red pepper falafel! That’s one of the reasons I love add-ins – they often add some moisture as well as flavor. I’ve been meaning to try your red pepper falafel forever – it sounds awesome! There are so many great ideas. Falafel are one of my favorites, so I love this post! I’ve actually been drooling over that falafel curry for a few weeks now. What an awesome falafel round up you’ve got going on Can’t wait to try some of these!

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