22 Recipes for Healthy Eating in 2014 (all vegan)

22 Recipes for Healthy Eating in 2014 (all vegan)

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Healthy Eating for 2014 – No diet, just small, simple changes for a more energetic healthier you! Okay people, it’s 2 days into 2014 and I bet quite a few of you have already fallen off the “diet” resolution wagon, which is why I’ve been saving this little gem. Having been one of those people who has wanted to shift the winter pounds after an excessive December, I’ve always, ALWAYS, found that as soon as I thought I was on a diet I’ve been hunting around the kitchen looking for a bar of chocolate or a pie, I felt that I was somehow denying myself and going without which is a little depressing and does nothing for your self esteem, it’s really quite a vicious circle. So, like I said in the title, forget the Diet, and start thinking of changing the way you eat on a permanent basis. Think about why you find yourself wanting to lose weight, could it be down to the fact that you’re currently eating stuff that’s just not good for you, but makes you crave it when you go a day without it? When I say change, I mean it in the most positive way and without sounding like a huge hippy, you can change from the inside out. Just by slowly introducing a new way of eating whilst eradicating the old ways will lead you to a much more energetic, healthy and hopefully happy life. Ditch the soda – I know people bang on and on about it, but drink plenty of water. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of migraines, fatigue, dry skin, constipation and a whole list of other maladies, keeping your body hydrated keeps your body’s internal system ticking over and lubricated. Eat fresh food – I know it’s tough to find time to cook meals from scratch, but those ready meals and takeaways just aren’t doing you any good.

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