20 Vegan Super Bowl Party Recipes

20 Vegan Super Bowl Party Recipes

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 Maybe not as big as Christmas, but definitely bigger than Easter.  It was just about tied with Thanksgiving.  Somehow, I managed to marry a man who loves football (and could care less about other sports) just as much as my family does.  After Christmas, the countdown to this tremendous occasion begins.  Because Chris loves this day so much, I try to make it extra special for him, making him all kinds of typical man-food/game day treats.  That’s my favorite part of the day.  That and the puppy bowl.  I also think that Marly’s Jalapeño Poppers may need to make an appearance. Have you entered to win your $25 gift card to Vegan Cuts or Vegan Essentials yet? Thank you so much for this great list. I just forwarded them to my friends. So many great dishes so little time. Hmm decisions, decisions.Go Niners! I don’t really follow football, but I was raised a niners fan so I think I’m supposed to be excited for them. Thank you, Richgail for sharing with your friends. You are just so great! Justin and I are not football fans and the only sport I really enjoy is Hockey So we will be feasting on snacks and playing scrabble on Sunday that is unless I get on that flight and show up on your doorstep – what fan gear should I be wearing? I could play it for hours! You and Justing are totally invited this Sunday, or any Sunday, for that matter. I make lentil sloppy joes all the time but have never tried using chickpeas. Going to try that this weekend. Also stealing the jack fruit enchiladas idea! The chickpea sloppy joes are definitely a favorite around here! I’m heading over right now to check out your round-up!

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