20 Vegan Lunches You Can Take To Work

20 Vegan Lunches You Can Take To Work

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Order or Gift a box now! This sandwich filling, made of maple tempeh bacon strips and nutritious broccoli sprouts, can be made in advance the night before. At lunch, toast the bread and give the filling a quick nuke in your office microwave to melt your vegan cheese on top for a warm, comforting lunch. Get the maple tempeh bacon sandwich recipe. Thanks for posting--these all look great. (And yes, there are a lot of Worcestershire sauce brands that are vegan). There's definitely a move towards veganism. It's just a good idea for our health. Sooo many great recipes here.\u00a0 Going to have to bookmark this one. :) @Debra3212700 The recipes are on the sublinks within each slide.\u00a0 Just click on them.

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