20-Minute Vegan Chili

20-Minute Vegan Chili

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A month ago, I fell and sprained my wrist. I’m doing my best to be hopeful that in the next couple of weeks, I will be healed and back in the kitchen making funky dishes. Today’s recipe is a heart-warming vegan chili. It is a recipe that I created after about a year of trying out different vegan chili recipes and combining and adapting to my liking. It is SO good, y’all, and I am not even really a chili fan. After I hurt my arm, my boyfriend took over the cooking for the most part. He doesn’t normally cook very often because I enjoy doing it so much that he doesn’t have to. Needless to say, this injury has been a learning experience for both of us. He has been an awesome sport about it, and if it wasn’t for him, I would totally be starving by now. The past few weeks, he has made a big batch of this chili on Sunday and eaten it throughout the week. I hope you enjoy it as much as he does! I may or may not have stood behind Harrison sniffing as he diced garlic last night. We were fortunate enough to grab some garlic from organic farm Johnsons Backyard Garden at our local farmers market yesterday, and oh my goodness is it lovely, in both sight and smell! There’s nothing quite like fresh garlic. One great thing about chili is how versatile it is. If you don’t have kidney beans, you can just sub black beans. If you don’t have corn, just skip it. This recipe is really easy to tweak to your preferences, especially when it comes to the spices and heat factor. I included some suggested variations below the recipe if you are looking to change it up.

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