2 Simple Desserts, Chocolate Almond Mousse & A Tropical Fruit Dairy Free Yoghurt

2 Simple Desserts, Chocolate Almond Mousse & A Tropical Fruit Dairy Free Yoghurt

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With just 4 ingredients it’s super easy to make and it’s just far too good. It reminded me of the massive bowls of Chocolate Angel Delight I would eat as a child, I love food that when you take a taste of it transports you back to some happy childhood memory! Now, you don’t need to do the same as me with the almond extract, it might not be your favourite flavour, so maybe add vanilla extract or even some drops of peppermint oil for a mint chocolate mousse, whatever you like the sound of. You can grate some chocolate over the top or sprinkle over some chopped almonds or pistachios or even a little spoonful of shredded coconut (I now wish I’d done all of these things!) Oh how I wish I had some tofu in the fridge right now! I think I might try out strawberries next time as I have fond memories of Strawberry Angel Delight too, I might just sit and write a list of all my favourite puddings from my younger days and see if I can make them (all vegan of course). I think I might start with Tipsy cake which is sponge mixed with fruit jam, soaked in red wine with a layer of icing on top, I used to share a slice with my nan, then maybe I’ll have a go at a custard slice! Grate some vegan dark chocolate over the top! Now for the 2nd dessert idea, this was created when I made my cheesecake topping the other day, the one that tasted just like Pineapple Ski Yogurt (again another throwback to my childhood) you can leave out the star fruit if you can’t get your hands on any, it will work just as well without it.

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